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Settle Your Child Custody Matter Peacefully

Dividing up your children's time with a former spouse can take a major toll on your entire family. Make sure you're doing what's best for your kids by hiring Wendy Owens Law Office to represent you. Attorney Owens has years of experience navigating the complexities of child custody cases. She can help you negotiate a visitation schedule and living arrangements depending on your current family situation. Attorney Owens will also help you to set your emotions aside when making decisions that could impact your children's well-being.

You can trust attorney Owens to fight for you and your children in court. Schedule a consultation with Wendy Owens Law Office today to discuss your child custody matter.


If you're having difficulty coming to an agreement regarding child support, reach out to Wendy Owens Law Office. Attorney Owens will represent you during your child support conflict. The courts take a number of factors into consideration when calculating child support, including:

The net income of each parent
Any medical or educational needs that require additional financial support
Child care expenses

Attorney Owens can fight to secure proper compensation, modify existing child support orders or collect overdue child support. Contact Wendy Owens Law Office to learn more.